The wonderful new world of Web3

Industrial revolution – fire, electricity, internet and blockchain.

27.07.2022 / 08.00 PM – 10.00 PM
Summer Theatre Garden at the Korez Theatre @ Katowice

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About us

Into Tech Future is a new series of meet ups on the map of Poland about future technologies. The event focuses on interdisciplinarity – the cross section between IT and everyday experience.

We invite to the stage speakers and panelists from various disciplines, who are passionate about technologies: from software developers, through lawyers, to philosophers.

The aim is to inspire discussion and flow of ideas about the shape of the future and the limits of possibilities. On the one hand, it is a space for non-formal education and experience exchange, and on the other – for establishing research and business cooperation.

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The Brave New World of Web 3

27.07.2022 @Summer Theatre Garden at Korez Theatre


Habib Moskin / Testspring

Opening, guidance, moderation.


Sławomir Paśko / Neti -Blockchain Software Development boutique

The wonderful new world of Web3 – the technology that changed the rules of the game.


Panel discussion with audience participation.


Roman Majewski / Kanga Exchange

Investing in cryptocurrencies: how to seize a market opportunity?


Special Guest Speech

Panel discussion with audience participation.


Przemysław Karda / Tecra Space

Understanding DAOs. Turning to a decentralized investment world.


Panel discussion with audience participation.


Bartek Bilicki / Smart Verum

Third Generation Art.


Panel discussion with audience participation.


Habib Moskin / Testspring

Closing of the conference.


After party.

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Our Guests

Habib Moskin

CEO Testspring

The owner of Testspring company. He examines the use of new technologies in the software testing process. Together with specialists, Testspring helps companies achieve the highest quality of products and services. He supports global brands such as CEVA Logistics, Maersk and Microsoft during the implementation of warehouse management systems and global supply chains. Due to the advancement of AI-based technologies, he claims that only quality can save the world.

Sławomir Paśko

Neti – Blockchain                                    Software Development boutique

Founder and CEO of Neti. Passionate about blockchain technology, inextricably linked to the IT industry for 20 years.

Neti is a Software house based in Rzeszow, dedicated to creating solutions based on Blockchain technology, mainly for the financial world. The company is formed by excellent specialists who have faced many industry issues so far, which allows them to be called EXPERTS in this area. Neti’s clients are mainly institutions and companies from Europe and the USA.

During his speech, SŁAWOMIR PAŚKO will take us to the NEW IMPORTANT WORLD OF WEB 3, explaining step by step the secrets hidden in it.

Roman Majewski

Kanga Exchange

Evangelist for blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency entrepreneur and investor, also involved in cryptocurrency exchanges and helping to organize tokenization startups. He operates within the Kanga Exchange system .

Trained as an energy scientist, passionate about future technologies, computer games and chess, he will talk about what INVESTING in cryptocurrencies is all about and how to take advantage of market opportunities without making a mistake.

Marek Lesz

Special Guest, Partner at BTLA Business Advisors

Innovative entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience. Sixth sense in networking and business relations. Competent in introducing companies to the Polish market. Expert in customization. Strategist. Investor. Early investor in Chainlink. An investor in Triggo. During his career, he has gained experience in building long-term customer relationships (Ferrari Poland), business development (Wolt) and strategic management (Suez Environnement). He has conducted business workshops for banks and participated in panels at Impact Fintech, European Economic Congress and many others.

During his speech, he will talk about how to successfully invest in blockchain technology.

Przemysław Karda

Tecra Space

Former Polish Army officer, trained by the US Air Force. Associated with blockchain technology since 2016. In 2019, selected by SingularU and Google for Startup as one of the ten most promising new technology (blockchain) developers. Co-founder of Tecra Space, author of the bestselling sci-fi novel Interregnum. Stock speculator and philosopher by training.

Tecra Space is a tokenization-based crowdinvestment platform. Its goal is to support the creation and development of interesting, valuable projects and businesses. In the words of our speaker, “We focus on science and technology that has the potential to positively impact the future of humanity. We use the cultural codes of the mass user to convert them into participants in the new age market and alternative finance.”

During his talk, PRZEMYSŁAW KARDA will take us into the NEW WEB 3 world, helping us understand DAO.

Bartek Bilicki


In the past, he has been associated with organizations such as Trifinity – blockchain developers (CEO), Blockchain Poland (first CEO and co-founder), Ministry of Digitization (member of the Blockchain Technology and DLT Working Group).

Multiple conference speaker, author of articles in the area of blockchain technology, university lecturer, currently 100% dedicated to SmartVerum, a company that is changing the face of art with NFT and metaverse technology. SmartVerum is blurring the line between traditional and digital art.
BARTEK BILICKI, during IntoTechFuture, will take us to the NEW WEB3 WORLD, explaining, among other things, what NFT technology and the tokenization of artworks is all about. He’ll also reveal the secret about what the art market will look like soon.


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