The wonderful new world of Web3

Industrial revolution – fire, electricity, internet and blockchain.

27.07.2022 / 08.00 PM – 10.00 PM
Summer Theatre Garden at the Korez Theatre @ Katowice

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About us

Into Tech Future is a new series of meet ups on the map of Poland about future technologies. The event focuses on interdisciplinarity – the cross section between IT and everyday experience.

We invite to the stage speakers and panelists from various disciplines, who are passionate about technologies: from software developers, through lawyers, to philosophers.

The aim is to inspire discussion and flow of ideas about the shape of the future and the limits of possibilities. On the one hand, it is a space for non-formal education and experience exchange, and on the other – for establishing research and business cooperation.

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The wonderful new world of Web Details coming soon

22.07 @ Teatr Korez

The event will be held with live audience. In addition, it will be broadcast online on Facebook and YouTube. After every presentation (15 min) there will be discussion panel (15 min).


Habib Moskin / Testspring

Opening and moderation

There will also be robots on stage with us, the capabilities of which will be presented live, including: the robot-dog A1 from Unitree, the four wheels Jackal from Clearpath and the robotic arms – Kinova and UR3. Robots are provided by the event partner: Edu4Industry.



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We invite you, let’s talk in an informal atmosphere!

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Guests of the previous edition

Habib Moskin

CEO Testspring

The owner of Testspring company. He examines the use of new technologies in the software testing process. Together with specialists, Testspring helps companies achieve the highest quality of products and services. He supports global brands such as CEVA Logistics, Maersk and Microsoft during the implementation of warehouse management systems and global supply chains. Due to the advancement of AI-based technologies, he claims that only quality can save the world.

Zbigniew Nawrat

Foundation for the Development of Cardiac Surgery, Medical University of Silesia, International Association for Medical Robotics

Scientist, inventor, teacher, visionary. Pioneer of artificial organs (POLVAD heart assist chambers saving patients since 1993) and medical robotics (Robin Heart surgical robot, license for one of the models sold in 2019). Currently, he is a member of the team of the Department of Biophysics of the Medical University of Silesia and the creative director of the Foundation for the Development of Cardiac Surgery. He is the president of the International Association for Medical Robotics, editor of Medical Robotics Reports and responsible in Poland for the European project DIH HERO Robotics in Healthcare supporting SMEs developing medical robots. Sometimes a sailor, poet, musician. He released the album ZAWRAT “Rok dobrego człowieka” (Year of a Good Man) available on Spotify and Amazon.

Maciej Antonik

Division Director Edu4Industry

For over 10 years, he has been helping schools and universities to improve the education process and accelerate the pace of research. He chose the world’s best manufacturers of equipment in the field of automation and robotics and supplies their technologies to Polish laboratories.

Tomasz Wierzchowski

Guest Lecturer and Advisory Board Member, Cranfield University

System manager and architect in the field of robots, autonomous micro-wells and systems. For over a decade, he has been reliably and objectively observing and co-creating the development of robotics in the world in such companies as Aerialtronics, Dyson, Emotech and Bosch. Recently they have performed as CTO with the British company Guest Lecturer and Advisory Council for Robotics and Autonomous Systems at Cranfield University (Great Britain) and an active advisor to startups of technological and technological strategy.


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